Friday 30 November 2007

29th Nov 2007 - Jingling Hole

5th trip of the season, this time a "fluffy" trip for John to get back into SRT and also experiment with multi flash photos on big pitches.

Despite being a surface pitch getting onto the skinny 10mm rope direct from the tree is always gripping. John decided he needs two new bits of gear, a breaking carabiner and a foot jammer (after trialling mine), so technically speaking he needs a "slower downer" and a "faster upper". I wonder if "T'inglesport" have those?

The images above consist of 5 layered images each, quite a good effect.

Friday 23 November 2007

22nd Nov 2007 - Bull Pot of the Witches

Alistair's flashes worked a treat in the Gour Chambers

Full Team Turn Out - Even Emma plus mother! No I'm not going to make any cheap mother in law jokes

Cave frog at bottom of entrance climb

Wednesday 21 November 2007

21st Nov 2007 - TNC down under

TNC meet in NZ. Stafford's Cave, which we found on the Aorere goldmine trail. We explored it to where it became a crawl. Pretty cave with beautiful white formations and glow worms! The photos of the large chamber are Ballroom Cave about ten minutes away from Stafford's, we are told the miners used to hold dances in it.

See some pictures here

Sunday 18 November 2007

15th Nov 2007 - Tatham Wife Hole

Starting down pitch 2

Our third trip of the season saw us heading steeply uphill from a layby on the Chapel-le-Dale road, just north of the White Scar show caves. Passing through old quarry levels it feels as though the summit of Ingleborough must be close by before the ground levels and the search for the deep shake hole containing the cave begins. Fortunately a GPS makes this process much easier, but it is easy to see why many cavers have become lost in poor visibility.

The entrance in the bottom of the shake hole leads into a beautiful streamway before a short pitch, which could be free climbed. Descending this you begin to realise that this is no place to be in wet weather.
Carrying along the streamway again brings you to the first real pitch of about 8m with a deviation. Arriving at the bottom of the pitch its possible to rig the second pitch almost immediately. Once again we were glad that there was hardly any water flowing along the streamway, otherwise this would be a very wet pitch.

Friday 9 November 2007

8th Nov 2007 - Ireby Fell Cavern

Second trip of the 2007/8 TNC season again to Ireby Fell Cavern.

Down new Bubbles route courtesy of the Misty Mountain Mud Miners. Then onto the terminal sump, some sump pumping and looking around the dig above Whirlpool Chamber.

whirlpool chamber

Ireby Fell Cavern Sump with in-situ pumping gear

Saturday 3 November 2007

1st Nov 2007 - Ireby Fell Cavern

First trip of season to Ireby Fell Cavern - Alistair, Tom and Paul Makrill
Explored some interesting sump pumping equipment!