Friday 3 January 2014

January 2nd 2014. A New Years trip through a mountain

What trip involves headlights, caving gear and buoyancy aids?  The through trip of the Creosor -Rhosydd Mine.

This way to Sainsburys?

'Not sure about this one...'

'Oh my God I have split my trousers' said Kate.  

A fair way into the mine we were then faced with this bridge, little did we know that this was definitely one of the easier ones! Couldn't believe how clear the water was when crossing, amazing!

Steady as she goes...

From never having abseiled before and only having 3 seconds of expert instruction, I can't lie I was terrified.  As I plunged into the depths of the darkness, I found it fantastic.  Three abseils later, the last one  into a canoe, I had started to find abseiling easy!  The Bridge of Death brought back the fear as the return rope was wrapped around me on the second half and I had to be pulled back to unwrap it, all the time hanging on a thin wire for dear life.  Joe

Kate traversing around the third chamber and loving every second.

'Why is Sarah laughing so much'?   The team stop for lunch of traditional miner's fare - Welsh Pasties.

The end of the tricky bridge of death...

Joe with the first daylight since leaving Creosor at the West Twll in Rhosydd Mine having just enjoyed a whisky.

The team happy to be out in the daylight at Rhosydd entrance.  Only the walk back down the valley to the car left.