TNC Team Profiles

John Garner
Can appear to be a reluctant caver (to say the least), but has been overheard on occaisions speaking positively about his underground experiences (allegedly). OK lets be honest, John is a really keen caver, I mean his picture appears on page 179 of the "Complete Caving Manual" - enough said.

 Below - One of the highlights of Johns caving "career" (note the other two people in this photo did not want to be identified)

Below - Sump Bailing. One of the best things John has done  (in a cave, on a Thursday night)

Phil Whiting
The master of understated caving, go caving with Phil and expect the unexpected. Often first through squalid sumps and low airspace ducks in cold water, etc. Here you can see Phil enjoying a typical Thursday Night Club Trip. Phil is a founder member of the Thursday Night Club

Dick Gerrish
Dick always appears quite keen! (perhaps he is just pretending). Expert rigger, and part time cave model (not the naked welsh type), also probably owns the cleanest set of SRT and caving gear of all the TNC team (that's not saying much though). Also tends not to associate with other cavers from Kendal (for various hstorical reasons not be be mentioned here).

Dick combining his two favourite hobbys - winter climbing and caving
Don't offer DIck a Baton de Berger

Tom Phillips
Tom has the sad record of being the top attender to TNC meets (until recent years when the Doc and Dick took over) . Some people travel 1,000's of miles to different continents to avoid the chance of this happening. Originally annoyed TNC members taking many photos with old film cameras carried around in steel plate ammo boxes (said members wanted a quicker exit to pub). Now fully digital. Until recently had the oldest bit of caving gear in regular use (not his cowstails). Tom is a founder member of the Thursday Night Club, but now thinks caves would be better viewed by CCTV security cameras.

Alistair Shawross
The Young Pretender (pretends he actually enjoys caving). But in reality this is not pretence, he does really love it! Hence a recent Scurion light mortgage (Swiss caving lamp). Alistairs sense of wonder at the underground world is a joy to behold. Often seen bending Dave's ear in Inglesport for the latest desparado trip possibilities

Alistair "Lovin it"

Bruce Jardine
The only "real caver" (the beard gives it away). Now sensibly partakes in just one or two dry Spanish trips each year. Partial to Canadian Ham Crisps.

Bruce handing out the Canadian Ham, back in the glory days

Bruce dreaming of muddy, wet  squalid Yorkshire caves - non of this Spanish rubbish

Part Time members (should John be in this section?)

Lee Guite 
Only turns up on meets if the cave is deeper than 200 metres (eg Berger, Titan). Fussy or what!

This is a typical response to "why do you go caving?

Lee  - the  TNC member who needs most TLC

Sharon Gerrish

Only goes caving on her birthday (when it coincides with a Thursday and a full moon), or when its warm, hence low attendance rate. Has to go caving about once a year to remind herself why she should not go caving.


Paul Mackrill

Holds the TNC record for the limb damage in caves (despite Lee's pathetic attempts to take this from him). Also posseses magical pants, inbuilt cave radar and breeze detection. Has to be be managed carefully as can wander around naked and upset Lee. The only cave digger in the TNC, that says it all really.

 Paul - does he look a tad crazy?

Paul's magic pants at home and 1km underground


Emma Shawcross
Sacrifices lots of potential caving time to allow Alistair all the fun. Only TNC member to have dragged her mother on a meet! 

Emma can afford to smile as she knows what a rare event this is!

P Eggs

Has not put in appearance for nearly 20 years!

For a proper cave experience try Carlsbad Caverns - maybe the TNC will get there one day!