Friday 23 November 2007

22nd Nov 2007 - Bull Pot of the Witches

Alistair's flashes worked a treat in the Gour Chambers

Full Team Turn Out - Even Emma plus mother! No I'm not going to make any cheap mother in law jokes

Cave frog at bottom of entrance climb

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Roz said...

I was in Gour Chambers about eight years ago. The experience was fascinating and profound. I'm a sculptor/potter. The smooth silty ridges of the Gour Chamber walkways were like they'd been formed by the hand of a giant. It was like walking inside an enormous, natural, hand thrown bowl.
I wanted to record the chamber on video but didn't get the chance as with my young boys. The experience remains a strong memory. Im hoping to get back in spring 23 to document the chamber. In the meantime, Thursday night club, I'd be so grateful if you could post more pictures or videos clips of the chamber.