Monday 4 February 2008

3rd Feb 2008 PB4 Spain

Don Alistair and Don Bruce returned to the thin electron ladder that stopped forward exploration last week. Now armed with a rope forward progress resumed down a short slippy climb that lead onward along comfortable rift passage until another home made ladder appeared heading upwards.

Climbing this lead into a maze like jumble of huge boulders. Some squeezing and trutching rewarded us with another large chamber bedecked with a fixed rope traverse high up on the left wall. Obviously the original way on before the sump pool it bypassed dried out. The obvious way on through the dry sump soon brought a halt at a norrow rift with another home made ladder hanging from it. The effort to climb up and exit the narrow rift was well worth all the huffing and puffing.

"Calle Facile" is full of the most astonishing formations. Huge columns stretching over 20 m up into the darkness above, fangs of countless stalagtites decorating the roof and white crystalised flowstone seeping down the walls. "Fantastic"

It was time to return from this point. The way on for next week continues on along good sized walking passage. No problems finding he way out this week. Usual dos cervaza's serveed with tapas of pork cracking and mince on bread. Not the ideal veggie feast, but Don Alistair made the most of it.

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