Thursday 1 January 2009

19th December 2008 Lancaster Hole

While the end of the Autumn term is always worth marking, today also marked Dick's retirement so it was off to Lancaster hole to celebrate. Dick's a popular man but I don't think even he could believe the number of cars already parked at Bull Pot farm and the number of teams already chalked up on the board. This on one of the wettest days we've had.

Bull pot Farm Changing rooms - now being revamped

Sheltering under the eaves of the farm house we debated our options, standing waiting at the top of Lancaster on an evening such as this, as lots of people make their way out isn't a very pleasant experience. Our indecision paid off however as one by one groups came and rubbed their names off the board and we decided to change and head across the fell. Timing it to perfection we arrived just as the final member of a party was coming out of the entrance on their "last caving trip" (if you reconsider and go again and would like the items you left at the top of the pitch back, please leave a comment).

Wet day in Lancaster Hole

The normally dry pitch was in full flow and it was with relief we headed into Bridge Hall and down into Kath's Way.

Kath's Way

With the amount of water about we had decided on more modest objectives and after a trip to the edge of Fall Pot, made our way into Wilf Taylor's passage.

Wilf Taylors Passage

After visiting the water coming through from Bull Pot of the Witches we made our way back to the ropes with a short Champagne stop on route.
Heading up the ropes when we arrived were a party who'd made their way from Top sink, an impressive achievement given the amount of water about. The climb up allowed sufficient opportunity to clean all our gear, as the spray exploding off the ledges fired water at you from every direction. From the top of the pot we set off to enjoy the rest of the Christmas holidays and for Dick the start of a new chapter in life- here's to you.

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