Saturday 6 February 2010

5th February 2010 - Long Kin East

Tom had picked out an adventurous cave for the team. Long Kin East. As far as I could make out it was high up on the Sout East flank of Ingleborough. Looking on the map this morning it seems we parked in Crummockdale and walked up towards Juniper Gulf. The GPS led us to the area but it took 15 minutes to find the entrance. Quite an insignificant swallow hole which dropped us into an active stream passage. A high meandering passage took us to the top of the first pitch which cut down in steps to the base of a high aven. 

 The fine meandering streamway in Long Kin East

The route however led Tom along a sporting traverse, arriving at ther top of the aforementioned aven to take the drop in one. The next section of passageway dropped quite quickly and had its own distinctive feel about it. It led to the top of further pitches, which again looked sporting. The spray and temperature of the water meant we were cooling down, and given that the descent was no giveaway, Tom called on years of experience to make the decision to head for the pub. After much complaining from John in particular we eventually agreed that this was the best option and we'd have to come back another day to do the rest. 

Ascending the entrance pitch

We arrived on the top relieved that it was perfectly calm, no wind chill, and shared some rations before powerwalking back to the car. 

Above the cave entrance

The pub had everything.....Log fire, atmosphere, comfy chairs, table, a few other punters, and of course, some beer. We spent time gloating over our photos in the new caving guide. Phil in the technical section (Mmmm), John in the 'Where to cave section', and Tom more appropriately nearer the front amongst the important stuff. Arrived back at 23.20 to complete a full day.

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