Sunday 27 January 2013

27th January - Carrock Fell Mine

So, what do you on on a weekend where heavy snow is forecast on Friday with a serious thaw on Saturday night, Sunday?  You reverse the weekend's activities and do a headtorch ascent of Galeforth Gill on Friday night (think but in the dark!) then go underground when it is raining on Sunday.  So, excited by some research online, memories of exploration 30 years ago and having seen those brave selfless members of CATMHS excavating the entrance to Carrock Fell Mine we decided that it was the target of our next trip.

First there was the little matter of finding the correct key to get in.  Farmers  Supplies had one for £1.52

Carrock Fell Tungsten Mine
The history of this mine spans a long time, finally shutting in 1982 when the price of Tungsten fell.  It was just after it shut that I went down it the first time when all the mining equipment, including the train was still in place!   See the history of Carrock Mine here

The vein of quartz that the adits followed were where the Tungsten was found

Al looks at some minerals forming on the wall

The purple mineral is Fluorspar

And this is a lead oxide waterfall

Exploring a ladder heading off up the stope

and on up it went for at least 30m

The quartz vein becomes huge in places.

Looking down from the stope into the passage below

.  Al missing Yorkshire caving ...  actually ... the lengths Al goes to to get a good photo
The amazing quartz vein

Ore chutes.  there were over 40 in the whole mine

So where was the main one we asked?

More ladders to ascend to the higher levels of ore extraction.
Up in the quartz vein

Ore hoppers in a row down the passage, a train truck apart.

Waterfall showing that we can't be too far from the surface! 
Back at the entrance
The superb entrance rebuilt by CATMHS.

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Unknown said...

Hi Guys,

I'm currently doing an MSc in Geoscience at UCL in London (although originally from Clapham, North Yorkshire), and am trying to get hold of some samples of wolframite from Carrock mine to do some electron microprobe analysis - I wondered if any of your Thursday night club could assist.

I could do with either knowing if you think it likely that I could find samples at the surface? If any of you happen to have a sample? Or if you loved Carrock so much that you can't wait to go back and dig around? I could potentially attend such a trip, with some caving under my belt in the past (I realise this final option is very likely too much to ask!).

Any help would be amazing.
Hope you've been giving Steeley suitable abuse in Inglesport.