Saturday 24 November 2018

15th November 2018 - Bull Pot

With Tony paddling Scottish rivers, it was just Dick and I that returned to Kingsgale and made our way through the Yordas gate and up on to the Turbary road. This definitely isn't the best way to get to Bull Pot as we now realised we'd walked further up the hill above the pot than it lies above the road. Having wandered along the road for a bit, we dropped back down the fell and to the entrance.

It could be my memory, but I'm sure the bolts were in a different place last time we were here and it felt a lot easier rigging from a handy natural to the first two bolts than the previous setup.

A short traverse took us to a y-hang, a pitch and a swing onto a ledge. Last time we were here I remember stepping over the slot and continuing to a pitch before being stopped by water and having to retrace our steps. This time, with no further a do, we headed directly down the slot. From the landing ledge we dropped into the stream and to the traverse for the forth pitch.  I could tell it's still the start of the season from the number of times I had to untangle myself from tackle sack leashes or found myself on the wrong side of traverse ropes. Bolt by bolt though things began to run more smoothly.

I'd love to know how tall some of the people who bolt are, they're definitely an inch or two taller than me and it was only by holding a krab in the very tips of my fingers that I was able to clip the first deviation.  Fortunately the water levels were fine and I didn't need to attempt to reach the second. At the foot of the pitch we dropped into the streamway again before ducking down and under to follow it's course.

With getting to desperation point, taking snap gate krabs off tackle sacks we sat chatting at the start of the traverse before deciding the pub was calling and began heading back up the pitches.

At the entrance we took a more direct route down to the road and as per last week stopped off in the Marton Arms, a darts match in full flow in the adjoining room.

While I don't think I'll ever tire of pouring through my hard copy CNCC rigging guides, the new topos and descriptions on the website are absolutely superb, perhaps we should start looking at their great maps and descriptions of how to get to the caves too!

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