Wednesday 2 January 2019

28th December 2018 - The Faery Islands of Loch Sween

A holiday cottage on the Crinan canal for New Year inspired us to load up our boats and after a very hard work trip along the canal to Crinan, portaging for miles round the locks, it was nice to head to the other sort of loch.

Tayvallich was just around the corner and offered easy access to the pristine Loch Sween and it's resident black brittle stars.

Leaving one of the lagoons formed by the Faery isles

A few of the thousands of black brittle stars

Dick navigating through the islets

Looking back down Loch Sween, a change in the weather looming

After a lunch stop, dressed in everything I had with me for the return to Tayvallich. I love poggies! 

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