Saturday 9 April 2022

7th April 2022 - Big team turnout

Celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at one of Dale's finest viewpoints

Ten years ago I'd had the pleasure of taking some photos of Dick and Sharon in Witches II on their 30th wedding anniversary trip:

So ten years later a big team set off to Alum pot to try and get a shot for their 40th. The plan was for Dick, Sharon, Tony & son and I to head down via the Dolly tubs while Mike rigged the big pitch in Alum before joining us to rig the normal descent.

As it turned out there was a lot of water about and the descent down the Dolly tubs had us all chilled. Hanging around while I faff with flash guns doesn't aid rewarming, so when Mike joined us it was to assist a heroic retreat to the pub.

Need to start thinking about 50th anniversary locations now...

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