Monday 15 April 2024

4th April 2024 - Hello Spain

Perusing descriptions saw the day leg of the trip fly by

 The day dawned bright and the mountains of the Spanish coast were soon visible. We decided that one ferry breakfast was enough so with a couple of cups of coffee down us we disembarked for our rendezvous with a school friend in Bilbao.

At the appointed plaza Jules was waiting and our car was soon safely in an underground garage while we grabbed a sun hat and jumped into their car to be whisked to the hills on the outskirts of town. The prospect of a 1000m hill without breakfast didn't appeal so a quick stop was made to pick up what were to become our regular staples of bread, cheese and cured meat.

The air was warm and clear as Berni and Jules led us up the track into the hills and it was fantastic to see so many different types of people out enjoying the stunning surroundings.

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