Friday 28 December 2007

27th Dec 2007 - Wilf Taylors Passage

A wet dismal evening saw us tramping over the moors to Lancaster hole, our original plan for a Lancaster Hole to Wretched Rabbit Passage changed due to possible flood waters. We decided to go and look at Wilf Taylors Passage, and the Montague West area. However reaching Lancaster hole we were held up for a long time by a slow ascending group - 3 cavers of which two were young novices. After about 40 minutes we heard the leader shout down to the the slowly ascending last member who was having problems of some kind: "Take your time" - that was the last thing we wanted to hear! Almost hypothermic we eventually made it in. Were the photos worth the wait? Let us know!

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Camera's Eye said...

Being an ex Caver and sampling the delights of the underground for nigh on 20yrs....It has to be said that I have never before seen such fantastic photography such as this.Absolutely mind blowing.
It has me itching to go again.Keep up the fantastic work and look forward to more of the same soon I hope.