Friday 14 December 2007

13th Dec 2007 - Digging in France

Keep up the good work. Its inspiring.

The only hole I'm in is the one in the garden for drains i'm putting in and I'm racing against the arrival of winter.

Also I should give up with GPS. Dick led me directly to Notts in the middle of the gritstone! OR take a shovel!



After making a concrete lintel I tested its strength by tunneling underneath and pushing on until I hit a solid wall. The draft goes off both to my right and left, even upwards. Next I need to fire off about 20 charges [in one volley] to clear a bit more space.

Half a metre of snow to wade through is slowing the approach time. Oh to the days of rain in the dales. At least you only get wet, rather than stuck....

Paul Mackrill

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