Saturday 26 January 2008

25th Jan 2008 - Notts Pot BT Route

Only when reading the description in detail as we were about to enter the BT passage did Alistair find out what BT stood for - and it wasn't Bacon and Tomato, or Big Tube. I'm sure you can guess!

Alistair enjoying BT crawl

Although it is not apparently tight by moderns standards (whatever that means) it is just a bit awkward more than anything else. The big problem however was that after hauling all the gear to the top of the main pitch in BT route we found that it was still equipped only with spits (Elliot Bolts).

Elliot Bolt in BT Route - would you trust your life to this?

Apart from the fact that these bolts are 30 years old, rust and stripped, we didn't have any hangers for these. So we made our way back through the BT passage, taking a few photos of the grimmer, grimier side of Dales caving. Short video clip here!

Full Slideshow here

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Gerrish family said...

wonder why they have not P hangered it? Is it too BT?