Sunday 27 January 2008

27th Jan 2008 - PB4 TNC(spain)

Sunday saw the Spanish branch of the TNC heading back into Cueva PB4 hoping to find where they got to last week. This week Alistair has brought enough lighting power to see where he was going so it was easy to follow the obvious fault with it's complex levels through boulder chokes into various impressive chambers. All containing majestic formations.

The nature of the cave very reminiscent to Lancaster hole, only drier and warmer. A perfect place for this little fella to hang out for winter

From last weeks furthest point the cave continued like a quality rock route, obvious passages interspersed by cruxy route finding leading on to more caverns full of unique formations. Eventually the way on lead down a rift equipped with a short length of rope with a ( very old and thin) electron ladder tied to the end. Though enticing enough, consensus was to return next week with a rope for further exploration.

We only got lost twice this week on the way out. Still managed to get to the pub for the obligatory dos cervazes and tapas of squid and sardines. No pickled eggs and Canadian ham crisps here.


Tom Phillips said...

They don't do squid and sardines in the Craven Heifer (well we haven't actually asked) good to see an action photo there. Can you camera take nighttime shots? If so try getting a cheap flash to fire remotely (manually - tis what we do)

Gerrish family said...

it must be exciting to be exploring such a relatively 'new' cave. keep the news coming.