Thursday 25 February 2016

14th February 2016 - Paddling with seals

Dick with his new paddles

With a very low tide predicted courtesy of big springs, we decided to make the most of the settled conditions to have another look at the low lying island of St Helena off Roa island near Barrow.

It was a stunning early morning drive along the A590, the snow capped hills being picked out by the rising sun. The sea too was in perfect condition with just a light northerly blowing down the channel separating us from Piel island.

We were soon heading south down the channel, aided by both the breeze and the last of the ebb.

Passing Piel island with its fantastic castle

Initially looking like large boulders on the beach, the seal colony on South Walney soon came into view, the seals making the most of the warming sun.

The seal colony on South Walney

Looking back at the seals and Piel Castle

As we headed towards the thousands of sea birds feasting on the star fish and other delights uncovered by the receding tide, a couple of seals stayed with us until the water became to shallow.

With the turn of the tide it was time to retrace our steps and head back into the channel. With wind now against tide, the water kicked up surprisingly each time we found ourselves in the main flow.

Heading towards the southern tip of Walney

Arriving back at the slipway by the life boat station it was getting busy with a group of Cumbria Canoeists about to take to the water.   Thanks to them and the BCU for the sandwiches!

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