Thursday 25 February 2016

17th February 2016 - Fish and chip run

Sunset over Windermere

The forecast was for heavy rain, but with an offer of childcare for the day, we had to make the most of the day and so set off for northern Windermere to practice a few skills.  As we drove though, the day just didn't seem as bad as we were expecting, so a quick change of plan saw us heading for Fell foot at the south end of the lake.

The aroma of vinegared chips hung on the gentle northern breeze, so we set off to find the source (sauce?).

A stretch of legs at a beach just past the ferry allowed time for a sandwich to fuel the crossing of the top part of the lake to Waterhead.  The water was becoming ever smoother, disturbed only by the wake of the occasional passing tour boat and the views too became more breath taking as whispy cloud played round the summits of the snow capped peaks.

Due to the flood repair works, it was quite quiet at Waterhead and we were able to haul out onto the beach next to the ferries, just a short walk from the fish and chip shop.  Cooked fresh to order, they were fantastic and we were soon surrounded by a huge range of bird life all wanting their share.

Rather than heading straight back down the lake, we first went to have a look at the Brathay harbour, Dick having worked there in the early 1970s.  He was pleased to see them setting up a zip wire across the harbour mouth, the original pegs for which (no longer used, but still there!), he'd helped to put in 40 or so years ago.

It was then down to see the Wray Castle boat house, another centre he'd worked in, before heading south once more.  Looking over our shoulders the light on the snow dusted hills was incredible and we were soon to become enveloped in a fantastic sunset, the light reflecting on the oily looking water.

The moon gave sufficient light to help the loading process back at Fell foot, the end of a superb day out.  Huge thanks to Sharon for looking after the kids for the day.

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