Friday 5 February 2016

29th January 2016 - Discretion is the better part of Valhalla...

Having gathered together pretty much every rope and maillon we own to get us to the bottom of Lost Johns, there was absolutely no way I could manage a camera too, so sorry no pictures.

Heavily laden we soon realised it's been a while since we'd visited Lost Johns as we found ourselves walking through the wrong gate. We jumped back in the van and a few minutes later were in the right field, climbing down into the streamway.

Dick's recollection of the system soon came back and as I sploshed around in the stream, he moved swiftly along a higher traverse line.  With each passing pitch the load of tackle bags decreased till at the start of the Battleaxe traverse we were down to our final one.

At the end of the traverse we looked down into the gloom of Valhalla and listened to the crashing water. Our warm dry perch suddenly seemed very cosy and it didn't take much to convince Dick that this should be our turn around point.

While I'm pretty sure that I don't have many things in common with Madonna, enjoying a decent pint of Timmy Taylor's is one of them. Not sure if she ever drinks in the Snooty Fox though.

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